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Our Menu

Our Coffee

  • Cafe Latte

    Fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk
  • Nitro Cold Brew

    Single origin Ethiopian with notes of blueberry and chocolate
  • Cafe au Lait

    Drip coffee with steamed milk
  • Dirty Chai

    A chai latte with an espreso shot
  • Drip Coffee

    A rotating selection of regular & decaf
  • Espresso

    Our Custom Blend of 3 Latin American Beans
  • Cortado

    Espresso with Equal Part Warm Milk
  • Frappe

    Espresso Blended with Half and Half, Ice, and choice of Simple Syrup
    Cold only
  • Cappuccino

    Espresso, and Smoothed Layer of Foam
  • Americano

    Espresso Shots and Light Layer of Crema

Cafe Inspired Creations

  • Big DeVoss Club

    ham, turkey, bacon, swiss, cheddar, sweet pepper relish, lettuce, tomato, mayo on toasted sourdough
  • Dirty Chai BBQ

    house-roasted pulled pork, espresso & chai BBQ sauce with apple cider slaw on ciabatta
  • Kinda Cuban

    house-roasted pulled pork, ham, swiss, bacon, deli mustard, pickles on toasted ciabatta
  • Cali

    turkey, bacon, havarti, avocado spread, alfalfa sprouts on toasted wheatberry
  • Garden Wrap

    chickpeas, bell pepper, cucumber, onion, carrots, lettuce, tomato, balsamic vinaigrette in flour tortilla
  • Jackfruit BBQ

    shredded jackfruit in our Dirty Chai BBQ sauce with apple cider slaw on toasted ciabatta
  • Classic BLT

    Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on toasted wheatberry
  • SC Bahn Mi

    house-roasted chicken, thai-pickled carrots & onions, cucumbers and fresh basil on ciabatta
  • Turkey Reuben

    turkey, bacon, havarti, cole slaw & 1000 island on toasted sourdough
  • Chicken Salad Wrap

    house-made chicken salad w/ tomato & mixed greens
  • Ham & Cheddar

    ham, cheddar, spinach and house-made apple chow chow on wheatberry